Change how you feel.

Transform how you look.

Elevate your life.

Nutrition and training plans tailored to you and only you.

The aim of my programs is to build you something maintainable that doesn´t even feel like a diet.




Heidi is such a great judge how far to push or not to push us, especially in the first few personal training sessions, so we had to come back for some more! She helped us to do thigs with her training modules that we didnt think we could ever achieve. It left us feeling good about ourselves, in pain next day, but in a such way we kept at it! Heidi made us fit and in shape again. The secret, lot of hard work, pain and loads of laughs! Thank you Heidi you are amazing!


We have been training with Heidi for about a year now, doing two sessions a week. We originally started as a part of preparing to our wedding, but have really enjoyed the sessions and intend to continue with them as we've seen a difference in our fitness. Heidi is friendly and flexible in organizing the sessions, which helps, as we have to fit our sessions around our work and commuting.


If you are thinking about training with a professional I highly recommend Heidi. She has been helping me to get in shape and I feel very motivated when I am training with her. I was hesitant at first as Brighton is 45 minute journey away from my home, but I look forward to my training session every week. Heidi makes me feel very capable and she really pushes me to achieve the most out of each session. My sessions are tailored specifically to me and she keeps track on my progress. 

If I can, you can

I am a level 3 personal trainer and nutrition coach with over ten years experience in helping people to become the best versions of themselves. More importantly, I have gone through the weight loss journey and struggling to maintain the weight myself and I believe that this helps me understand your struggles better. After moving to England I basically stopped exercise and enjoyed all the food and drink found myself in a situation where I had gained over 20 kg. I felt horrible and I was committed to getting the best shape in my life. I did this with carefully planned nutrition, which still allowed me to enjoy life and training. In Spring 2014 I competed in my first Bikini Fitness Competition. If I could get to the shape of my life, you can too! 


Check my video below here where I talk about my ideas about healthy eating and exercise.

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