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Welcome to my world

Sharing my life as mother, coach & wife.

My family is my number one priority and I am very lucky to have such an active, self-confident & healthy little boy Maxwell and a loving partner, who always thrives me to get better. 

I strive to be an empowering, supportive, and strong role model for my little boy and teach him from day one the foundations of a healthy and active lifestyle. Leading by example I want to show him that anything in this life is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard.

Becoming a mom truly changed me for the better and I often say that it is my superpower.

For me being a mom doesn't mean that I am being less me or that have lost myself. In fact, it has helped me to be more and also made me find my passion.

My mission is to empower more moms to get fit, healthy, and confident so that they can enjoy motherhood to the fullest. Sharing workouts, nutritional tips, and simple mindset swifts can make that daily mom life a little bit easier. I aim to show you real life & struggles that running a business, being a mom, and running a family life constantly brings our way.

How it all started

Ex Basketball player, turned into a Bikini Fitness athlete, it is safe to say that a healthy, active lifestyle has always been something I know that makes me feel better. For nearly 20 years going to the gym has been my number one therapy and the solution to keep my mindset and energy levels high.

I originally started as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach in my early 20s when my idea of healthy living and exercising was very different from what it is now. In my early 20s, I struggled with my own body image, which is no wonder because my idea of healthy living was at least two hours in the gym daily and being on a strict meal plan to then only binge on food and drink on the weekend. Far from healthy looking back now.

After a few Career Changes, a Few countries, and many Jojo diets later in my late twenties I found my passion back in Personal Training. At the same time, I also started training for my first Bikini Fitness competition. Rewind a few years forward, and even though bodybuilding was a great experience. It did bring back the old unhealthy obsession about counting calories and obsessing about hours of exercise, so I stepped back from it and very soon I was pregnant with my son.

Even though I stayed active throughout my pregnancy. I  found myself in a situation of 40kg heavier than before my pregnancy, feeling pretty down, and my pelvic floor being a mess. I wanted so badly to look & feel fit again, but I also knew that I didn't have the time or the brain capacity to go back to strict counting of calories and hours of exercise per day. I knew that this could no longer be a solution and there must be a better way. This was also when I realized there were other moms out there who struggled with similar issues. Moms that thought that it was impossible to enjoy the treats, manage taking care of the family and look lean and strong, whilst doing it.  It seemed it was one way or the other – Eat takeaways, take care of all your family needs, and be overweight, unhappy, and shy away or neglect your family,  give up treats and enjoyment completely, and be strong, lean, and confident.  I knew I had to find a better way for myself & then help educate other moms that this wasn’t the case. The balance is possible & sustainable and we moms can truly have it all.

What I am all about

I love helping women and moms feel unstoppable, confident, and radiant in their bodies. There are literally not many better feelings in this world than seeing my clients succeed. I am a firm believer in practicing what you preach and I will share my struggles, wins, and tips with you honestly and without sugar coating them. I love staying active and always improving in each area of my life.

Wellness for me is so much more than being active and eating healthy and I am a huge advocate of mindset work. Meditations, journaling, and anything that makes you feel better inside will also reflect how you feel & look from the outside and how you treat your body every day.


I believe that complexity is the killer of execution especially for us moms, so easy simple & effective is the way of coaching for me. You won't see me exercising more than a maximum of 45 minutes per day and the meals from my plans won't take hours to cook.

Your plan needs to be sustainable and you really need to experience how much difference feeling good and energetic can bring to your life and anybody around you.

Balance is the key to sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle change. My meal plans will include all the goodness that your body needs in a tasty form, but will also include those well-needed treats. I won't make you miss your weekend plans to stay on a meal plan and you don't need to exercise of the weekends if you don't feel like it.

I love to fuel my body with great food, set myself up for productive and present days by meditating and journaling and I am obsessed with the feeling that exercising released endorphins bring to my life.


Happy, confident & energetic are how I want each woman in my world to feel. Inspiring & empowering moms to be the best version of themselves is my passion, my mission & it is what I love to do the most. Motherhood is crazy ever demanding journey that goes past so quick, so let's make sure we feel our best to enjoy it.

I can not wait to have you in this journey with me.

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