I am a firm believer that no one diets fits all. We are all individuals and need different kind of exercise programs and nutrition plans to fit our unique bodies. Our goals, training opportunities and possible injuries are also very different.

This is why I aim to identify your individual needs and limitations so that we can together create a maintainable diet and training program, that doesn't feel like you are on a diet.

My Online training provides you with a unique opportunity to create a program that looks like you using my experience and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and exercising.

My Online trainings ultimate goal is to teach you to listen to your body and give you the tools for a healthy lifestyle without counting calories. 

The only thing I ask from you is that you answer a bunch of questions honestly and dedicate yourself to listening to your body.


Cross Fit Class


This plan is for you if you want to change your total lifestyle and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, tone up and just feel overall great. Total plan will include nutrition programs and training plans for 12 weeks, totally designed for you. In the beginning, you will have video chat with myself, so that I can identify which kind of training and nutrition program would suit you best. You will receive your login details to Coached By Heidi app where you will be keeping food diaries, exercise diaries and posting your progress photos. This package will also include weekly video checking with me, so that I can keep track on your progress and make adjustments on your plan. You will also have my unlimited email support.


This plan is for you if you want to elevate your training and improve your body composition with a structure training pIan. In the beginning, you will receive bunch of questions to identify your training background and your goals. I will then plan your total training plan for the next six weeks, including your resistance, cardio and mobility training and also your weekly training schedules to ensure that you get the maximum benefits of your training program. You will also have my unlimited email support.


The current situation with the pandemic has made us all adjust to a different type of life. We work, we socialize and keep ourselves fit inside our own homes.

I am now also offering online Personal training sessions via Zoom. These Personal Training sessions are totally designed for you and the equipment you have at home. Only thing you need is an Ipad, laptop or even a phone and you can start really working towards your goals from the comfort of your own home. This is very affordable option for the traditional face to face personal training.


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