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RadiantFit Me - 12 Week 1:1 Wellness & Mindset Coaching Programme 

Helping you create long-lasting change in your wellness, so you feel good inside and out.

Nutrition, Exercise, mindfulness & Mindset are all brought together to create that unlimited, happy, fulfilled version of you.

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This is for the mum who is ready..


-To treat her body in the way it deserves & truly transform their body and mind, so that they feel strong mentally & physically.

-To feel confident about her wellness habits & TRULY trust her body & mind, so that she can enjoy motherhood to the fullest.


Imagine the most capable, strong, energetic & confident Mom, you can can be.

It’s not just what you consume with your food, but also with your mind. And that’s where this program will create LONG LASTING change for you. It all starts with a mindset.


Are you tired of being ON or OFF a diet? It’s time to leave that all or nothing feeling and be able to feel good AND enjoy food (and a glass of wine) with confidence & enjoy your family time to fullest.


You got this, you can do this.

​In this program, I cover each aspect of wellness & help you create routines that ensure that YOU feel at your best. I will teach you to listen to your body so that you know when to speed up & slow down. Together we will create a reserve of coping mechanisms so that even when life gets difficult & busy, you know how to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Are you ready to..

-Feel less stressed, so that your wellness habits stay & ground you even when life gets busy & difficult

-To TRULY transform your body & feel strong physically & mentally

-Learn how to eat according to your goal when not on the meal plan & out and about

-Learn to listen & trust your body 100%

-To make space in your life for you to feel good & take care of yourself, without sacrificing family time of course

Let's build you a total wellness plan together so that you can feel great inside & out and NEVER go on a diet again.

All of my programs are based on a family-first ideology. Family time is essential for your mental well-being and we will not limit or restrict it. Workouts & any coaching are done Monday to Friday so that weekends are always your FAMILY time. Recipe suggestions are also family-friendly and each workout can be done when you have the time, so no problem if things don’t always go to plan.


This program is flexible for you and your family, which is why it’s sustainable for you mom.


Ready to create a long-lasting change?



3 months

1 x weekly workout & nutrition coaching session via the app (12 in total)

Bi-weekly 1:1 Wellness & Mindset Coaching calls via the app (6 in total)

RadiantFit Me Workbook

RadiantFit app access with weekly workout plans

1:1 chat support between calls (M-S)
Tailored nutrition plan suggestions to support your goals and lifestyle


This program is currently at an introductory price of £350 monthly or £900 to pay in full.


This program will change your life. Are you ready?

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