Strong Woman 

Gym based training for women, who have previous experience from the gym or have completed the Coached by Heidi transformation package. In this training program you will train hard, but smart. You will learn how to build  and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Start this online training , if you want to get results in the gym and you are willing to put some effort on your training.

In this training you will train in the gym 3-4 times a week, you will also get instructions for a home workout what you can use to replace one of your gym workouts. WHY? Because we all know that we have weeks that we just can’t make it to the gym. You will also receive warm up, and stretching instructions. In addition you will also receive my tips in healthy living and smart choices on the run.

What do you get every month?


  • Training programs (1 per month) (Including gym workout and your home workout)

  • Cardio/HIIT instructions

  • Nutrition plans according to your goals

  • Hints and tips how to food prep, manage stress and sleep better

  • Stronger body and mind

  • Login details to the online community, where you can watch training videos

  • Access to the closed Facebook group where you can ask questions from the coach and team members

  • Accountability with weekly check in with the coach, so that you don´t fall off the health wagon

  •  Tips how to get best possible results and maximise your training time

  • How to recover better from the heavy training sessions

For this training you need some background from training in the gym and you will need to know the basic techniques, if you are a total beginner, the transformation package is more suitable for you.

Price £ 59 / Month