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Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. Exercise and nutrition are of course core parts of your wellness, but so are your relationships, sleep, and mindfulness. Wellness is about all areas of your life because each one has an impact on your physical and mental health. By making simple and healthy choices on a daily basis, you will be well on your way to reducing stress, having positive social interactions, and achieving optimal wellness. 

8 Daily Habit Ideas for Wellness.

Exercise. Nutrition. Mindfullness. Sleep. Relationships.

These habits are what I live by and they will be help you to thrive in your everyday life, so that you can enjoy your life each and every day.



Start your day by planning

Planning how you want your day to unfold & how you want to organise your tasks by stacking similar tasks with each other is going to help getting more stuff done.

Reading with Coffee


Prepare yourself energetically 

You hold a different energy at work than you need at home, so we not take few minutes to prepare for that different energy you need.





Eat foods that make you feel good

Meditate anyway that is convenient for you

When thinking of eating any food make sure that it is either making your body or your mind to feel good.

Remember that meditations don´t need to be seated down or long. Walking meditations or cleaning meditations are a great way to get your mindset in a better state, whilst doing other good things for yourself.

Reading a Book


Learn something new everyday

Book, podcast, whatever it is, learn something new, this is essential for your mental health and some people even say that it is the key to happiness.

Soap Dispenser Bottle


Clean & Declutter 

Have you ever heard a saying, clean space, clean mind? This stuff works having less physical clutter will also help you to clear the mental clutter.



Cute Notebooks



Move your body every single day

Facing a difficult decisions? Feeling anxious? Feeling unproductive? Want to feel more grateful? Journal on it! Putting your thoughts on paper can be extremely helpful.

Your life is hugely affected by the state you are in, positive thoughts provide positive incomes. What is the easiest way to change your state? By moving your body!!


Imagine having one place for all your wellness needs. Exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and community in one place. Pick from a library of on-demand workouts or have your own weekly program designed for you. Get ideas for your meals or have an entire nutrition plan designed for you. Keep accountable with weekly check-ins and have the RadiantFit Community back you up along your wellness journey. Get support from other like-minded women in the community or chat directly with your coach. Keep your mindset positive & learn to love yourself and appreciate the small wins in life with the library of meditations to suit any mood and activity. Keep motivated with monthly podcasts and weekly goal-setting in the community. It is all happening inside the RadiantFit App and you don't want to miss out.

Download the app for free and join us for 7-day free trial for the RadiantFit Tribe.

Scan the QR code below on your phone to open the app download page.

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Simply Radiant - Wellness Podcast

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Simply Radiant Podcast is taking a little break whilst I get married & work on some new exiting stuff for this autumn.

Your weekly dose of mindset, motherhood & overall wellness coming back 30/08.

Catch up on existing episodes here & send me suggestions on the topics you want me to cover.

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